Eli De La Cruz hit a 458-feet drive at 114.8 mph for his first major league homer.

Elly De La Cruz launched his first major league home run, a 458-feet blast, and Will Benson blasted a game-winning home run in the ninth inning. 

At Great American Ball Park, the ball left his bat at 114.8 mph and went into the last row of the right-field stands for a two-run homer that tied the game at 2.

In the opening inning of the Reds' 8-6 victory over the Dodgers on Wednesday, the 21-year-old shortstop hit his first significant home run with exit velocity.

De La Cruz played a four-hop drive to right-center. He finished third in 10.83 seconds, the fastest in the majors this season.

Statcast says. It was second quickest since the 2020 season, after Arizona Diamondbacks' Corbin Carroll's 10.75 seconds last Oct. 3.

According to the most recent rankings, De La Cruz, a switch-hitter, is baseball's best prospect.

After making his MLB debut, De La Cruz hit the second-hardest home run by a player under 21 since Statcast began monitoring in 2015.