The Oakland Athletics unveiled renderings of their proposed $1.5 billion stadium in Las Vegas on Friday, May 26

With a 30,000-person capacity and a partially retractable roof, the Las Vegas Strip stadium plan is one of MLB's most intimate settings.

The fans' first glimpse of the potential layout, a stadium surrounded by bright lights and majestic views of Las Vegas, is truly spectacular and holds great promise for the A's franchise.

The new arena is expected to get between $300 million and $400 million in public funding from the state of Nevada. This could help the Las Vegas economy.

Although the move to Las Vegas would not immediately improve the team's performance, the attractive new location would help revitalize the Oakland Athletics' baseball product.

Images depict, Parking lots are seen in renderings next to the stadium, which is linked to the high-rise through Las Vegas Boulevard and Tropicana Avenue.

The A's hope to have the new stadium ready for the 2027 season, with the 2025 and 2026 seasons possibly remaining at the home of their current Triple-A club in Las Vegas.