Clayton Kershaw Takes Leave, but Won’t Miss Upcoming Start

Los Angeles Dodgers’ star pitcher: Clayton Kershaw left the team!

Clayton Kershaw, the best pitcher for the Dodgers, will leave the team for a while to go to his mother’s funeral. He will be put on the “bereavement list.” However, he is anticipated to rejoin the Dodgers in Tampa and make his next start on Saturday against the Rays.

Los Angeles Dodgers’ star pitcher Clayton Kershaw will be stepping away from the game for a few days to attend the funeral services of his mother, who passed away recently. During this period, Kershaw will be placed on the bereavement list but is expected to rejoin the team for his next scheduled start against the Tampa Bay Rays.

Kershaw has had some difficulties in his recent starts but believes it is not directly related to his loss. He acknowledges that his pitching hasn’t been up to par and feels frustrated, especially with the team facing injuries. Despite expressing fatigue and struggling with locating the strike zone, he remains determined to improve in his next outing.

Manager Dave Roberts noted that Kershaw showed signs of fatigue similar to his previous start, raising the possibility that other factors may be affecting his performance.

Although Kershaw may not openly admit it, Roberts believes that the emotional toll of his loss may be impacting his body as well. He commends Kershaw’s dedication and preparation while acknowledging the potential influence of emotions on physical performance.

The time off from the game and the opportunity to bid farewell to his mother are expected to provide Kershaw with some relief and a chance to mentally reset.

Clayton Kershaw’s recent start did not meet his expectations, as he struggled on the mound. However, his mother’s passing just days before the game had a greater impact on him. Despite not attributing his performance to emotions, Kershaw expressed annoyance with certain events during the game.

Manager Dave Roberts acknowledged Kershaw’s agitation and stated that it was atypical of him. Kershaw plans to focus on his next start in St. Louis and expressed gratitude for the support and condolences he has received during this challenging time.