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L A’ Dodgers struggle against left-handed pitching: Freddie Freeman

The Los Angeles Dodgers have one of the best teams in MLB, and they score the most runs in the National League. However, they still have trouble with left-handed pitchers.

For the Dodgers, the problem seems to be a persistent one that has tormented them for many seasons, no matter what lineup they’re in.

They are succeeding this year.In 404 plate appearances against southpaws, the hitter hit 201/.298/.410 with a 95 wRC+. They are among the bottom 10 offences in terms of output against lefties as a result.

Freddie Freeman believes that the offense’s recent success against left-handed starters is indicative of future success, as reported by SportsNet LA.

“I believe that in time everything will work out. In the first month of a season, you can single out numerous numbers and focus on anything you want, but over the course of 162 games, the players in this room do not panic very often. All of them will be very difficult to defeat.”

Did you know that the Dodgers have been doing most of their damage against right-handed pitchers? It’s true! Out of their 208 runs this year, only 46 of them have been scored against lefties. How’s the club doing against righties? They’re hitting ., right?Wow, they’re doing really well with a 244 batting average, 337 on-base percentage, and 465 slugging percentage! Plus, their 119 wRC+ puts them in second place in the league.

James Outman has the best batting average against southpaws with.333. The only other Dodgers to hit over.200 against southpaws are Will Smith (.278), Mookie Betts (.263), Miguel Rojas (.250), and Freeman (.224).

If we talk about Chris Taylor, then he is the team leader in home runs against left-handed pitchers with five. He also has a 126 wRC+ against them, but his average is only.188. But he has been hitting better lately, which could be good for the team going forward.

Even though Trayce Thompson has reverse splits, he has been given platoon starts against left-handed batters over and over again.With a wRC+ of 26, he hit.065 (2-for-31) in 38 at-bats.

To replace Thompson, the Dodgers could use a left-handed slugger in the corner outfield, but the recent success of Miguel Vargas and the return of J.D. Martinez should also help them.

Freddie Freeman: The Dodgers’ pitchers and lineup are in sync.
In their last 12 games, the Dodgers have won 10 and lost 2. They have outscored their opponents 76 to 37.

Freeman said earlier this month that he thought the Dodgers were getting more consistent, and winning two straight games on the road can only help that.

After the Dodgers won a series from the Milwaukee Brewers with a blowout win at the end of their road trip, Freeman pointed out that their lineup and pitchers were both doing well at the same time, which was something they had trouble with early in the season.