Insane JD Martinez home run stat will leave Dodgers fans stunned

Dodgers fans will be shocked by JD Martinez’s insane home run statistics

JD Martinez has had an amazing comeback, getting back to his old form as one of the best sluggers in baseball. After a good but ordinary 2022 season, the five-time All-Star is showing off his amazing skills again, which is great for the Los Angeles Dodgers.

On Saturday afternoon, Martinez showed off his power by hitting a three-run homer off relief Jeff Hoffman in a 9-0 win over the Philadelphia Phillies (33-133). This was his 16th home run of the season, which is amazing because it’s the same number of home runs he hit for the Boston Red Sox all last year.

The revival of JD Martinez is adding insult to injury for Red Sox fans, who already had to deal with the disappointment of Nathan Eovaldi and Michael Wacha being voted Pitchers of the Month in May. Fenway Park may feel too small to contain the increasing sense of remorse among Red Sox Nation as Martinez keeps hitting stunning home runs.

Martinez, 35, is making a good case for a spot in the 2023 All-Star Game while fans regret what might have been. He is establishing himself as a leading candidate for the prestigious award thanks to his outstanding performance and attacking prowess. Martinez only solidifies his credentials and makes Red Sox fans wonder what may have been if he had stayed with the team with each bomb he hits.

JD Martinez has experienced an impressive comeback, as seen by his respectable batting average of.275, 47 RBIs, and top-10 OPS of.945. These figures show how effective he is overall at the plate. Martinez’s services have helped the Los Angeles Dodgers (37-28) maintain their competitiveness in the National League despite a spate of ailments hurting the organisation.

It’s interesting to note that Martinez is currently battling Mookie Betts for the club lead in home runs. Betts is another star whose departure from Boston presides over the Red Sox fanbase. Martinez will hit 300 career home runs with just three more long balls, which is a major accomplishment that was not supposed to be recognised by Dodgers fans when the union was founded.

It’s also important to note that Martinez blasted a stunning home run the following month against Santiago, and the MLB umpire’s body camera filmed JD Martinez’s home run from an unique angle.

In this new collaboration, Martinez and the Dodgers have performed beyond expectations. Martinez is putting on an outstanding show, and the fans enjoy every second of it, as evidenced by their constant backing.