Clayton Kershaw, commented on Jake Marisnik, regarding the recently Dodgers' signing Astros outfielder.

“Clayton Kershaw Breaks Silence on Dodgers’ Signing Astros Outfielder!”

Clayton Kershaw, a key member of the Los Angeles Dodgers, commented on Jake Marisnik, regarding the recently Dodgers’ signing Astros outfielder. The Astros outfielder was part of the Houston Astros team that defeated the Los Angeles Dodgers in the infamous World Series. However, in an unexpected turn of events, Marisnik has now joined the Dodgers.

Marisnick is well aware that his role in the Astros’ sign-stealing fiasco will earn him a few glances around the clubhouse. They will not, however, come from Kershaw. Los Angeles’ ace has previously vacationed with Marisnick and believes the outfielder “will be good,” according to Fabian Ardaya of The Athletic.

Following their struggle in the 2017 World Series, it was found that the Astros had been swiping opposition team’s signs all season. While no players were fined, the MLB disciplined Houston’s organisation. Despite this, Marisnick was one of the players who got a World Series ring following the now-questionable series.

Clayton Kershaw has chosen to move on and let bygones be bygones. He has recently spent personal time with Jake Marisnick, the former Houston Astros player who was a part of the memorable World Series upset against the Los Angeles Dodgers. Marisnick has expressed sorrow for his earlier conduct, according to Kershaw, leading to a change of heart.

Now, as the Dodgers look to win another World Series, Kershaw feels Marisnick’s return to the squad will help them in the postseason. Despite appearing in 42 games for the Detroit Tigers and Chicago White Sox this season, Marisnick has a.225 batting average with two home runs, ten RBI, and two stolen bases. Marisnick’s varied skills position him to contribute well to the Dodgers’ championship-chasing efforts.

Jake Marisnick’s initial order of business after signing with the Dodgers was to make sure he was on everyone’s good side. However, with Clayton Kershaw’s approval, Marisnick and the Dodgers’ main emphasis can be returning Los Angeles to the World Series.