"Chris Taylor is gaining momentum as the Dodgers' season goes on"

“Chris Taylor is gaining momentum as the Dodgers’ season goes on”

Utility player Chris Taylor has had a hit-and-miss season for the Dodgers; His season batting average currently stands at .205. But a closer look at the numbers reveals a more productive year for him.

Taylor has a .245 average and a .795 OPS against all pitchers since April 25. Notably, he performs at an All-Star level with a remarkable .937 OPS against left-handers.

Taylor talked about the ups and downs of his season in a recent interview.

But he was upbeat about his recent progress. He is feeling better and thinks he is getting better since last one month.

Even though he has suffered a minor setback in his last few matches, his batting has been generally good.

Taylor says better mechanical stability and having a consistent approach at the plate have helped him get better.

Last year and at the start of this season, he was always looking for the right variation. But now, he feels more relaxed and consistent.

He still makes small changes, but he stays away from the big ones. This gives him more reliable results.

It is important for Taylor to strike a balance between ease and confidence. He can relieve stress and react more effectively to pitches as they come and focus on staying calm in the batter’s box.

He can now see the ball more clearly because of this strategy, which also reduces the apparent speed of the ball.

In the upcoming series against the White Sox, Taylor may not face many right-handed pitchers, but if he does, fans can expect exciting batting.

He made significant contributions to the Dodgers despite having a poor hitting average thanks to his superior power, contact and on-base abilities.